Umeda・Sonezaki Guardian Gods Tsuyu no Tenjinja (Commonly Known as Ohatsu Tenjin)

恋人の聖地 恋のおまいり

近松門左衛門「曽根崎心中」ゆかりの地。 誰が告ぐるとは曽根崎の森の下風音に聞え。取伝へ貴賤群集の回向の種。未来成仏疑ひなき恋の。手本となりにけり。 -近松門左衛門作「曽根崎心中」より

About “Tsuyu no Tenjinja” and Chikamatsu Monzaemon “Sonezaki Shinju”

Our Jinja (Shinto Shrine) is widely known as the “Ohatsu Tenjin”, however the official name is “Tsuyu no Tenjinja”. Based on a actual double suicide that occurred within the the boundaries of our shrine in 1703, Chikamastu Monzaemon wrote a puppet show called “Sonezaki Shinju (Double Suicide). In tribute to the heroine “Ohatsu” our shrine became widely known as the “Ohatsu Tenjin”.

“Sonezaki Shinju” is a dramatization of the double suicide (of a couple in love) that occurred in the “Tenjin no Mori (Forest) of our shrine, of Ohatsu, who was a prostitute of Dojimashinchi Tenmanya and a employee of Uchihomachi Hiranoya by the name of Tokubei. This piece of work became very popular amongst the people of the generation and a huge number of men and women of all ages came to worship to our shrine.

This work which moved many to tears, was performed over and over. Even today, during the memorial service, lots of people who want to make to make their love bear fruit visit our shrine. In July of 1972, a commemorative stone document was built by the help of the people residing in Sonezaki 1-chome.

In the 300th anniversary of double suicide, a shrine parishioner donated 1 Million Yen “For Ohatsu”. From then on donations, such as from the local shopping mall, were received and in April of 2004 a bronze stone was built.

[Every 1st Friday of each month]Ohatsu Tenjin Flee Market

[3rd Friday and Saturday of July]Summer Festival

  • The Story of Ohatsu and Tokubei
  • Your Fortune of the Day Fortune Papers
  • Sonezaki Ohatsutenjin-Dori Shoutengai
  • Stolling Down Nishitemma

Ohatsu Tenjin(Tsuyu no Tenjinja)

Accessmap to Ohatsu Tenjin(Tsuyu no Tenjinja)

2-5-4 Sonezaki Kita-Ku, Osaka
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6:00~24:00(Shrine Office 9:00~18:00)